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January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Memeogram: Words of Sale

by brainoids

Second in my series of “work-themed” Monday morning memeograms.

Last week’s theme was blue collar, this week, the focus is white collar [black font] and management [brown font].   My primary take-home here is: work has gotten a heck of a lot more complicated over time.

There are some great little nostalgic nuggets: Christmas bonus peaking in 1946 (how retro…), Madison Avenue [1961] (pour me a Martini, Don Draper), Japanese industry [1987] (lifetime corporate loyalty, now that’s quaint), total quality management [1995] (when we used to make products for the physical, rather than virtual, world).   Typist [1983] and secretarial pool [1983] also harken back to a white collar world that no longer exists.   Inspired by these I was tempted to add aerobics and Jane Fonda, but opted not to.

The plethora of management “tools” from 1990 to present helped inform my previous post on Strategic Management Fads.

Here’s a link to the file in printable PDF format: Memeogram_Sale

Next week: the Captains of Industry set sail.


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