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February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Memeogram: The Language of Love

by brainoids

In honor of Cupid’s day, today’s memeogram runs the gamut from puppy love to friends with benefits.  My personal favorite is the 1940 euphemism not the marrying kind, but we won’t linger there.

Whether prurient to the prudish, this memeogram might provide some new words to go on your candy hearts this year.   Enjoy!

For download, here is the PDF:  Memeogram_Valentines.

  • Memeogram (meem-ey-oh-gram) [n]:   A graph composed of plotting the peak frequency vs time of peak frequency for keywords / ngrams / memes, with markers comprised of the words themselves.
  • Plain english: A graph showing show the year at which individual words or phrases “peaked” in popularity (frequency of occurrence) in the database of all books scanned at GoogleBooks.


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