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February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Memeogram: iTunes Fancy

by brainoids

Well, OK, technically this isn’t a memeogram as I’ve officially defined it, I just borrowed some of the design motif.   And it’s of interest to just about no one but me.   But on the 8th anniversary of using iTunes, I thought I’d have some fun with my cumulative play counts.

Nostalgically it’s interesting to compare these top lists with the artists I was actually listening to, say, in 1980.   Not all have withstood the test of time.

It’s also interesting to me to see how my grad school years (1990-1995) put a significant dent in my musical spectrum, whether by virtue of time or finances.

Anyway, mostly just an exercise in datavis doodling to pass some time.   Hurrah for lifelogging.


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