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July 3, 2011

Scenes of Minneapolis

by brainoids

Here are some snapshots of local color during the fantastic EyeO Festival held in Minneapolis earlier this week… I cajoled (little arm-twisting required) a couple of friends into joining in on a field trip / vacation to this event.   Call it a “mental spa weekend”.   Having never been to Minneapolis before I have to say I was very impressed … the city has incorporated a great artsy vibe, and has done a magnificent restoration of the mill waterfront district.   Even the “Hour of Flour” at the Washburn / General Mills museum was more interesting than I thought.

The photographs below are mostly “obvious” targets but nature was very cooperative.   For the faded Pepsi sign shot, I was lucky enough to find reflected sunset/golden hour light, off of the glass facade of a large building across the street (this wall is eastward facing).  The Murray’s photo I snuck in just because it’s so wonderfully font-o-rrific.  Doors-to-nowhere are obligatory catches, and transformers are just plain cool.   The evening shot of the Mill museum and commercial loft spaces isn’t very well done technically, but captures how beautifully the city has merged old and new in the Mill district renovation.    Enjoy!


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