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About me

“Every blog needs focus” – yes, yes, I know, I just have trouble downselecting. But my goal here is to share a few fun, provocative or inspirational thoughts to those who might stumble across them, rather than to develop a huge follower base and earn a bundle in click-throughs. So thanks for your patience with my schizoblogophrenia.

I’m (now) a strategic planner with NASA, and to go into much more depth than that would be too long and boring to include here. Before that I spent 15 enjoyable years as an atmospheric physicist researching global climate. It was a wonderful stint, and in collecting field data I got to travel to some very obscure corners of the world, but I couldn’t be happier with the new career I chose to pursue. The common thread is deep and integrative systems thinking. But I digress.

My passions include travel (favorite destination thus far: nomadic homestay in Mongolia!), people systems” (personality, organizational culture, leadership, management, innovation, collaboration), photography, design, data visualization, data analysis of any kind, machine learning, technology, and, oh, yeah … space!   Due to my job I can’t write alot about the latter … but periodically some bits do dribble out.

I hope you’ve found something worth spending a minute or two on in this admittedly eclectic collection.   If for some reason you want to learn more, please say hello below, or visit me at LinkedIn (professionally) or Flavors.Me (personally).   Cheers!

– Dennis

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  1. Jill McCool
    Aug 10 2010

    Hi Dennis,
    I really liked your chart and descriptors for the MBTI. I was not able to read the fine print of the various types, so I was wondering if you could direct me to either the original source, or if you could send me that diagram. I would really appreciate it.
    Jill McCool

    • Oct 17 2010

      Hi Jill – many apologies, I think I never replied to your comment … I’ve posted the full resolution chart at:
      The detail language isn’t mine, it was shameless culled from various web sources, all I’ve added was the graphic organization scheme!
      I hope this is helpful … Dennis


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