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As a latest foray into lifelogging I’ve been playing with a tool called “Moodscope“, a lightweight daily quiz which tracks excursions into positive and negative moods.  It appears to be rooted in the established psychometric metric of the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS).  In short, you take a short quiz, and get back a 0-100 score, with 50 being neutral, >50 being “positive affect” (er, “good mood”), <50 being “negative affect” (“bad mood”).   Faced with such a temptation, I couldn’t resist seeing if this was all hooey or if there would be signal in the noise…

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Mapping Microloans

Mapping meets microlending, two of my favorite topics!   Having previously ranked the quality of Kiva microloan partners (and now, for several months, having used the rankings to steer my own loans), I thought I would do some quick and dirty visualization of the results.  As a bonus I’ve churned out some visualizations of worldwide Kiva lending, poverty rates, and the relative penetration of Kiva into the neediest countries in the world. Read more »



Another lifelogging experiment with GraphViz-based network mapping, this time on my library of books (sample size 356, managed with the excellent little Mac app Delicious Library 2, notable for its iSight-barcode-scanning magic, and no relation to the social bookmarking service). Read more »


Adventures in Tagging

This is a “three birds with one stone” entry:

  1. I wanted a test project to learn GraphViz and its related programming syntax for generating network diagrams.
  2. I wanted to see how much semantic structure was built into my Delicious bookmarks, after two years and ~1190 entries worth of use.
  3. I wanted to do the latter before Delicious gets transferred to its new owner and potentially gets dorked up.   (Yahoo’s utter apathy and neglect has at the very least been benign.  Although I am optimistic about AVOS…)

More specifically on #2, has enough information content found its way into my assigned tags to self-organize related keywords?  (I’m fascinated with the concept of folksonomies, even if a folksonomy technically requires more than one contributor.    Read more »


The Shelf Life of a Scientist

How quickly after a scientist stops publishing does he or she fade to obscurity?   Well, that’s a broader question than I plan to answer here.   But I can do a little lifelogging data analysis to figure out if my expiration date has yet passed. Read more »


Scenes from the Maldives

  1. It’s an island chain of twenty six atolls in the Indian Ocean, south of India and west of Sri Lanka.
  2. We spent a few days there in March 2011.  The full photo album is here.
  3. The cool boat below is called a dhoni.
  4. My share of jet fuel to get there was comparable in energy content to my entire automobile gasoline consumption for 2010.  So much for “ecotourism”.
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Monday Morning Memeogram: iTunes Fancy

Well, OK, technically this isn’t a memeogram as I’ve officially defined it, I just borrowed some of the design motif.   And it’s of interest to just about no one but me.   But on the 8th anniversary of using iTunes, I thought I’d have some fun with my cumulative play counts. Read more »