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Scenes of Minneapolis

Here are some snapshots of local color during the fantastic EyeO Festival held in Minneapolis earlier this week… I cajoled (little arm-twisting required) a couple of friends into joining in on a field trip / vacation to this event.   Call it a “mental spa weekend”.   Read more »


Scenes of Aveyron – Part 2

It’s been a while since Part 1 of this photo journal, but I’m finally getting around to rounding it out.  Here are ten more studies of photos that almost – but didn’t quite – make the mark … but are still quite a sight!

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Scenes of Aveyron – Part 1

Upon returning from travel, friends often tell me, “you take great pictures!”, and I think this happens often and enthusiastically enough that it’s more than just being polite.

Unfortunately, I know that I don’t really take great photographs … what folks are reacting to, I think, is that I’m developing the ability to find and compose interesting photographs, but that’s a long way from the technical skills needed to really “close the deal”.   Maybe when I retire!   Until then, I’m building a good inventory of “things I would have done differently” from existing photographs. Read more »


Scenes from the Maldives

  1. It’s an island chain of twenty six atolls in the Indian Ocean, south of India and west of Sri Lanka.
  2. We spent a few days there in March 2011.  The full photo album is here.
  3. The cool boat below is called a dhoni.
  4. My share of jet fuel to get there was comparable in energy content to my entire automobile gasoline consumption for 2010.  So much for “ecotourism”.
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Scenes from Dubai

There’s not alot I can add to the array of commentary on the phenomenon that is Dubai.   Drive-by culture critics sneer at its new money.  They are promptly chided and put in their place. More thoughtful economic commentary puts its boom mentality in context as a stern warning against optimism and excess (OK, you’ve got to click on this last link just for the fabulous graphic).   But at the end of the day, the Little Emirate That Could simply has to be experienced, in all its excess, to be believed.    Read more »


Photojournal: Mongolia

This entry is a bit overdue; at the time of our nomadic homestay trip to Mongolia in 2009, NASA was just beginning a period of significant “disruption”, and I never found the time upon return to write or post about it. However, it was one of the most transformative trips of my life. I hope in this post I can capture in some small way the incredible beauty of both the landscape and the people of Mongolia.

First, a few words from “Badger” Byambatogtoh, the cutest kid in Bulgan Aimag:

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Weeping Angels Redux (Huntsville Snowpocalypse v2.0)

Maple Hill Cemetery photos from the second highly unusual snow of Winter ’11 in Huntsville (the Christmas snow batch are here, and the full album is here).

By daylight, this snow had already ceased so the light and effect is a little more direct and conventional.   It did allow me to slow down a little and discover some nice surprises like the “snow cones” and “party hats”, and also play a little more with the residual fall colors dappled throughout the cemetery.

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Huntsville in snow

Maple Hill Cemetery, established 1818 (7 years after Huntsville, AL).    Every now and then the South inspires with beauty!   This was taken during the (very rare) 2010 Christmas snow.   More shots are in the full album. Read more »